At the Bacolod Multi-Specialty Dental Center, we strive to always be on top of the latest trends and technologies in dental care. Through excellence and strict compliance to international standards, we aim to deliver top-notch service to our local and foreign patients.

Our doctors invest in state-of-the-art equipment and resources, as well as specialized up-trainings in order to keep up with the newest developments in the field. What this means is you will be treated by some of the most highly-skilled dentists and professionals in the country. This also means you get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of this island and return home with your dream smile, but will shell out much less than if you had visited your local dentist.



Bacolod Multi-Specialty Dental Centerwas established by a group of highly-skilled and specially trained dental professionals with the goal of making the company a fundamental part of the nationwide dental tourism scene.

We are passionate about providing our patients a world-class dental experience that’s both outstanding and comfortable. We aim to build harmonious relationships with our clients through open communication to give them the personalized dental care that they need and deserve.

We offer market-competitive rates to go along with our top-rated dental packages. Whether you are looking for a basic or a specialized treatment, you can count on Mendez Dental Clinic to provide you a package that will best fit your need and budget.